Studio rules

1. Dance Class Etiquette

Every dance class has a set of rules, and dancers should adhere to certain rules of etiquette. Just like a class at school, a dance class will run more efficiently if everyone follows the rules and respects others in the dance studio.

2. Dress Code & Shoes


Dress neat yet comfortable.

To avoid damaging the dance floor , bring a pair of shoes to dance in. These do not need to be dance shoes, just shoes that are separate from the shoes you arrived in.

3.Class Rule: Talking


It is distracting to talk to other dancers during a dance class. Of course, speak up when you are answering a question, or when you want to clarify something with the instructor. However, if you find yourself asking too many questions, it might be best to save them for after class.

4. Choosing a Partner


Ask everyone to dance! Beginners and experienced dancers will both help you to improve your dancing. Beginners make you check what you know. Experienced dancers will correct you. As a rule, ballroom dancers don't say no when you ask them to dance.

5. Floor Craft


Every dancer in room should respect the personal space of the other dancers. Colliding with another dancer in the room can be painful and embarrassing. Avoid this by dancing in the space, meaning you dance where there is space to dance. Should you accidentally bump into someone, immediately apologize and jump back into your space.

6 . Done Dancing ?


If you are done dancing or not moving, please move off the dance floor. Do not completely stop during a traveling dance.